Gramophone presents...... Mahler

Aug 03, 2022

Gramophone launched its latest 100-page special edition - on the works of Romantic composer Mahler - on 27 July, making it the latest in a series of spin offs for Mark Allen Group’s music division.

Gramophone presents… Mahler, representing nearly a century of criticism of the composer and performances of his work, was produced in large part from Gramophone’s extensive archive.

Martin Cullingford, Gramophone’s editor, explained that the magazine saw such success with its first special edition - a 100-page square-back book celebrating 250 years since Beethoven’s birth - that it felt only right to follow it up with volumes for Bach, Mozart, and now: Mahler.

Cullingford said: “It was designed to be a fascinating and beautifully-presented souvenir for the serious collector and new listener alike - and a wonderful showcase of what Gramophone is, and does.”

He added that each issue has been immensely enjoyable to research and prepare.

“Exploring the archives to produce them involves spending hours being reacquainted with the most thought-provoking insights from artists both current and no longer with us, and discovering the wisdom offered by our writers of the past.”

Gramophone’s next special edition, on film scores, will be published in the autumn of 2022.

The series’ success has spurred other magazines in the group to produce their own souvenir editions in the same format: Jazzwise has seen huge success, for example, with its 100 Jazz Albums that Shook the World, and Songlines and Opera Now respectively with The Music of West Africa and Great Tenors.

International Piano and Choir and Organ have likewise published well-received special editions.